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15 Oct 2019
Instagram has gotten rid of likes in certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and Italy. This will be rolled out across the entire world soon, and it’s time to enhance those photos to the next level. That way, people online will be thankful that even without the pressure of likes, you are still creating the best content for them.

Photography is a unique form of art and editing photos can be very time-consuming. Capturing the best shot is only half the battle. It is essential to edit photos to make ordinary images look extraordinary so that they can tell the perfect story. Instead of long sentences, a lot of businesses are relying on visual images to advertise their products. They look for photographers who are skilled at editing and making images shine. When people are scrolling through social media and websites at lightning speeds, a high-quality photo is necessary to grab someone’s attention. This does not mean that you should photoshop more muscles onto your biceps or add Beyoncé to your wedding photos. A little bit of skill can go a long way to make that sunset seem more beautiful, even if it was less picturesque in real life. Lightroom mobile presets make it easier for beginners to edit photos on their phone in a much shorter time. Anyone can use these to make their photos look more professional.

What are Lightroom Presets and How can They Benefit Beginners?

Lightroom is a program created by Adobe to help you edit photos. You can use Lightroom to add creative and personalised looks to your photos. Those “Looks” that you apply, are called presets. Users can either create their own presets or save a lot of time by buying them online. When you have a bunch of presets installed, all you have to do is flip through the library of photos as though you are at grandma’s house. Then just click on the preset and apply it to the photo you want to edit. The process is similar to applying a filter on Instagram, but Lightroom presets are much more versatile and they allow you to customise any way you want to. That way, you won’t be using the same “Clarendon” or “Juno” filters as millions of other people.
How to Install Lightroom Presets on Mobile

Most people take photos on their smartphones. They are much easier to hold up for a very long time, so we can comfortably watch live concerts through a smaller screen. Smartphones are also great for stuffing into those skinny jeans’ pockets, ready for us to pull them out in an instant for a selfie. Lightroom mobile presets can now be downloaded directly on the lightroom mobile app. This allows people to use them more quickly to edit and upload their photos on social media.

So how do you install mobile presets? After purchasing Yantastic presets, you will receive the files immediately through Dropbox. All you have to do is either open Dropbox on the app or use the website, and you will find all the labeled preset files there. Select the preset you want and hit the download button, click on “Direct Download.” Once the file is downloaded onto your mobile device, it will give you the option to “Open in Lightroom.” Clicking on this will open the file directly on the Lightroom app.

After the file is imported, you need to save it as a preset without making any changes. Head to the top right corner of the screen to see three little dots. Click on those to access the menu and then hit the “Create Preset” function. A new window will open where you can save this as a new preset and give it a name. Then click on “User Presets,” and create a preset group. You can label it as “Yantastic Presets,” which is pretty catchy and rhymes with fantastic for a reason. After this step is done, you will go back to the previous page and click on the dropdown menu “Select,” and choose “All.” When this is complete, head back to the top right corner, and click on the tick mark. You’ll get a final message to let you know that this preset has been added to the group you created. It is very easy to install lightroom presets, and any photographer can access them quickly.

Tips to Enhance Your Photos with Lightroom Mobile Presets

Now that you have downloaded all your presets and have your photos ready for editing, it’s time to make National Geographic jealous with a bit of creativity. On the app, choose the photo you want to edit and click on the bottom menu where it says “Presets.” The ones you have just saved from the previous step will all appear here. Then all you have to do is use them as Instagram filters by clicking on each one, to see how it makes your selected photo look.

No presets out there can magically make your photos look 100% perfect, that’s why Lightroom mobile allows you to make advanced adjustments easily on your phone. If you want to make some adjustments, click on “auto” then “light” and you can manually adjust the levels of exposure, contrast, highlights, whites, blacks, and shadows. Increase the exposure and shadow level to brighten the image, and vice versa. Then compare the new photo with the unedited version. You’ll get a bigger surprise than the ending of Game of Thrones (LOL).

If a photo you want to edit is too dark, you can use a preset to enhance it. Select a preset you want to, such as the P-02 used for this photo. Then click on “Auto” and “Light” again, to make adjustments. Increase the exposure level just a little bit. Then increase the level of shadows almost all the way. You’ll notice how much brighter the photo is now after editing.

There are unlimited possibilities of enhancing your photos by using lightroom mobile presets. You’ll never have to deal with several hours of editing or trying to figure out how to use all the different HSL settings in Lightroom because we have already done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is apply it to your photos, and see the difference a good preset can make. Try Yantastic Presets now.


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