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26 Jul 2019

Taking mesmerizing shots is an art.

And the right editing ensures that those shots scream your brilliance.

I am talking about photo editing. Editing enhances the effect of your photos while hiding imperfections, if done right.

With there are plenty of online editing tools, it is easy to edit the photos than before. However, one has to stick to basics to do the right job.

Here I will educate you on some simple tips to edit photos like a pro, regardless of any tool.

Choose Your Editing Tool:

Well, there are hundreds of tools to choose from. Some of them are paid while some of them are free.

Picasa, PhotoPlus and GIMP are some of the popular FREE image editing tool. They are ideal for basic photo editing work. However, you will have to choose from paid tools like Adobe, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Ulead PhotoImpact.

For the beginners, I strongly recommend free tools to get started with.

Adjust and Correct Colors:

Making an image lighter or darker is one of the simplest things you can do. Sometimes these basic adjustments are enough to turn dull snapshot into attractive one. You can use auto color adjustment to make the pictures appear more natural.

Adjust Hue, Levels, Curves and Saturation:

Hue lets you to change the color of an image while saturation allows you make a pic more colorful. Levels let you to adjust the 3 primary colors while curves lets you adjust the shadows and highlights too.

Shadows and Highlight:

They may not be available in older or entry level tools. These options let you brighten the dark spots of an image, and darken the brighten bits.


Cropping is used to make desired “cut outs” to an image. It can be used in picking the certain part of an image.

So these are some basic tips to edit a photo. Don’t overdo any feature as it can kill the appeal of your image.


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