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15 Oct 2019
Instagram has gotten rid of likes in certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and Italy. This will be rolled out across the entire world soon, and it’s time to enhance those photos to the next level. That way, people online will be thankful that even without the pressure of likes, you are still creating the best content for them.

Photography is a unique form of art and editing photos can be very time-consuming. Capturing the best shot is only half the battle. It is essential to edit photos to make ordinary images look extraordinary so that they can tell the perfect story. Instead of long sentences, a lot of businesses are relying on visual images to advertise their products. They look for photographers...

30 Jul 2019

It’s not only the photographers who possess digital photo editing tools.

No matter if it’s a traveler, a housewife or an entrepreneur, people from every walk of life use photo editing tools to enhance their images.

However, most people are only familiar with basic tools like setting brightness or contrast or cropping the images.

Many tools can make your images attractive without consuming your time and efforts. And Lightroom Presets is one of them.

Read on here how this tool can help you give a “WOW” factor to your images.

What is Lightroom Presets?

A Lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position that you apply to each of your images to get a consistent look. Simply put, a photo can be edited with your desired settings, and...

26 Jul 2019

Taking mesmerizing shots is an art.

And the right editing ensures that those shots scream your brilliance.

I am talking about photo editing. Editing enhances the effect of your photos while hiding imperfections, if done right.

With there are plenty of online editing tools, it is easy to edit the photos than before. However, one has to stick to basics to do the right job.

Here I will educate you on some simple tips to edit photos like a pro, regardless of any tool.

Choose Your Editing Tool:

Well, there are hundreds of tools to choose from. Some of them are paid while some of them are free.

Picasa, PhotoPlus and GIMP are some of the popular FREE image editing tool. They are ideal...